The Jerry Doyle Show Brings in #1 Rankers Along With Affiliates in the Top 10 Markets

The Jerry Doyle Show Brings in #1 Rankers Along With Affiliates in the Top 10 Markets

Doyle Adds 2 Dozen New Affiliates - With 3 in the Top 10 Metro Markets: KSEV, Houston; WFYL, Philadelphia and WTNT, Washington, D.C.

Las Vegas, NV – Talk Radio Network Enterprises’ announces that The Jerry Doyle Show is proving that Jerry can deliver the ratings affiliates need with #1 rankers and outstanding share’s reported for: WPGB-FM, Pittsburgh, PA; KJCE, Austin, TX, and KQTH-FM, Tucson, AZ. The Jerry Doyle Show also continues adding to the show’s growing affiliate roster, recently adding 3 new affiliates in the top 10 metro markets, with 24 new affiliates adding the program, in less than one year. It’s no surprise The Jerry Doyle Show continues to reign as the fastest growing show in TRN Enterprises’ history, airing on over 200 affiliates nationwide, 17 of which are in the top 25 metro markets, and ranking as the 7th largest syndicated show in the nation, with over 3.75 million weekly listeners, according to Talkers Magazine.

The Jerry Doyle Show is #1 ranked overall, during his daypart, in the 2010 December PPM, in both Persons 25-54 and Men 25-54, on WPGB-FM, Pittsburgh, PA and KJCE, Austin, TX.

Mark Masters, TRN Enterprises’ CEO, couldn’t be more pleased saying, “Jerry's emotional and intellectual range is often breathtaking. Jerry is just amazing. He's a natural talker, and deserves the success he is attaining. He knows how to create referral based listenership while keeping the show an attractive and a safe buy environment for advertisers - a rare combination.”

In Pittsburgh, PA on WPGB-FM, The Jerry Doyle Show ranked #1 over all other radio formats, during its daypart, in the December 2010 PPM, in three separate demos including: Men 25-54, Persons 25-54, and Men 35-64. A 14.2 Share was shown for Men 25-54, with a 12.2 Share reported for Persons 25-54 and an amazing 15.1 Share was attained for Men 35-64. Doyle ranked #2 over all other radio formats, during his daypart, in Persons 12+ on WPGB-FM, Pittsburgh, in December’s 2010 PPM’s.

In Pittsburgh, WPGB-FM’s, Program Director, Jay Bohannon, says, “Jerry Doyle is an original that screams through the mediocrity and lands on top ... again and again.” He continues by saying, “There's always a buzz about lowering the median age on your news/talk station. The Jerry Doyle Show brings hip production value and a culture-smart sense of humor to WPGB, that's always on-point, never stodgy and fuels ratings with younger audiences.”

In Austin, TX on KJCE, The Jerry Doyle Show ranked #1 over all other radio formats, during his daypart, in December’s 2010 PPM, in both Persons 25-54 showing a 8.6 Share and Men 25-54, coming in with an outstanding 12.9 Share. The Jerry Doyle Show ranked #2 over all other radio formats, during its daypart, in the December 2010 PPM for KJCE, Austin in three demos: Men 35-64, Persons 35-64 and Person 25-64.

“Jerry Doyle has developed a dedicated following in Austin on KJCE. He is proving that consistently delivering good content wins in PPM,” says Entercom’s Vice President, of NTS Programming and Technical Operations, Ken Beck.

The Jerry Doyle Show also made a strong showing on KQTH, Tucson, AZ in the Fall 2010 Book showing Doyle #1 ranked in news/talk and #3 ranked over all other radio formats, during its daypart, in Men 25-54, with an 8.4 Share. A 7.4 Share was shown in Men 35-64, and a 7.7 Share was recorded in Men 25-64, during Jerry’s daypart, ranking him #4 overall in both demos on KQTH, Tucson, AZ. Persons 25-54 came in with a 4.5 Share, with a 4.1 Share, shown in Persons 25-64 during his daypart, in the Fall 2010 Book.

Ryan McCredden, Program Director, KQTH-FM, Tucson, AZ says, “Jerry Doyle calls it like he sees it and his truthfulness shines through to his out of this world ratings; where KQTH-FM is now the #1 ranked news/talk station during his time slot, according to the Fall 2010 Book.” He continues by saying, “Doyle's ability to make a connection with the audience is amazing...he's not one of those cookie cutter talk show hosts - he is a genuine REAL PERSON that our audience connects with, on a personal level.”

Andrew Lee, KQTH’s, former Program Director, who added Jerry to KQTH’s line-up said, “Jerry Doyle not only brought the station tremendous ratings growth, it's made the station more relevant, more intelligent, and creates invaluable appointment listening. When his live slot opened up on the schedule, moving his show was a no-brainer."

The Jerry Doyle Show recently added 3 new affiliates in the top 10 metro markets, with 24 total new affiliates added to the roster in less than a year, including: KSEV, Houston, TX; WFYL, Philadelphia, PA; WTNT, Washington, D.C.; KJCE, Austin, TX; WMPS-AM and WMPS-FM, Memphis, TN; KHRO, El Paso, TX; WXTL, Syracuse, NY;WJOE, Ft. Wayne, IN; WENY and WENI, Elmira-Corning , NY; WCIT, Lima, OH; KFYX, Texarkana, TX; WJHC, Valdosta, GA; WALT-FM, Meridian, MS; KFBX, Fairbanks, AK; KMYC, Marysville, CA; WHIR, Danville, KY; KQDI, Great Falls, MT; KZBI, Elko, NV; KFLS, Klamath Falls, OR; WBFD, Bedford, PA; WKSC, Kershaw, SC and KUJ, Walla Walla, WA.

On KHRO, El Paso, TX where they recently added The Jerry Doyle Show to their line-up, Jose Garcia, Operations Manager says, “The way Jerry Doyle views, dissects, and compares the financial world with today's politics is simply.....AWESOME!”

“The Jerry Doyle show is a great addition to the conservative talk lineup on the New 940 WCIT. Jerry talks about the topics on the mind of Americans RIGHT NOW, and adds great analysis and commentary,” says Maverick Media’s Phil Austin, Program Director, WCIT, Lima, OH. He continues by saying, “Jerry fires up his listeners, whether they agree or disagree with his point of view, with his no-nonsense take it or leave it approach, and is getting rave reviews from local listeners in my market. Any talk programmer looking to add a mind engaging, entertaining, topical show that pushes peoples emotional buttons should consider Jerry Doyle.”

“Jerry is a solid A-list talent. He constantly and consistently ends up on the right side of the issues. We are proud and honored to have him anchor the afternoons on WFYL”, says Langer Broadcasting Group’s President, Alex Langer, Owner, WFYL, Philadelphia, PA. He continues by saying, “He has also been a part of Hollywood, which gives him a rounded perspective, unlike many other talk hosts.”

The Jerry Doyle Show also recently announced they are providing daily video footage of the nationally syndicated radio program. Now, Jerry Doyle can be seen and not just heard. To see video’s of Doyle in action, hosting the program, visit Some affiliates are making Jerry’s videos available to their local listeners by providing links to Jerry’s page from their own websites.

The Jerry Doyle Show is a mix of politics, pop culture and current events. Doyle is known for his strong opinions, diverse background and quick wit. Prior to his thriving career in talk radio, Doyle’s distinctive repertoire included: former Wall Street Insider, TV star, and jet pilot. He has starred in many made for TV movies, but is best known as the character Michael Garibaldi on the Emmy winning Sci-fi television series Babylon 5 which ran for five years. Doyle has received numerous awards and accolades including Honorary F-16 Test Pilot, Honorary Naval Aviator and Distinguished Supporter of the Nation's Space Program.

The Jerry Doyle Show airs live Monday - Friday 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. PST (3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST). For more information visit Talk Radio Network online at or Jerry Doyle’s site at