Paul Ryan Wow. Talk about anti-climactic.

Paul Ryan Wow. Talk about anti-climactic.

 What is Paul Ryan? Is he a social issue crusader?  Nope.  Is he someone who brings with him swing state votes?  Nope.  Is he a true fiscal conservative?  Nope (unless you consider GW Bush to be a fiscally conservative).  Maybe Jed Babbin from the American Spectator ( can help us figure out who or what Paul Ryan is.  Mr. Babbin says he’s by far the best choice.


Also on the show today will be former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton (, to talk about bubble gum and popcorn as “humanitarian aid” to Iran.


Plus Dr. Barbara Kellerman ( to talk lame leaders and Bob Massi ( to discuss the finer points of “burden of proof” in regards to trillion dollar bank scandals.


It’s a jam packed Monday edition of The Jerry Doyle Show.



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