Today's Topics on the Jerry Doyle Show - Nov 2, 2011

Today's Topics on the Jerry Doyle Show - Nov 2, 2011

Today on the Jerry Doyle Show: Diana West, Syndicated columnist for the Washington Examiner and author The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization joins us at 130 Pacific to talk about her latest at Fox Family Matters…


Khaled bin Talal, brother to Alwaleed bin Talal, Fox News' top non-Murdoch shareholder… 

The ethical and legal failings of the Murdoch clan have made headlines for months with Lachlan Murdoch kicking up the most dirt in the British phone hacking scandals, much to the discomfort of the News Corp. board and shareeholders.  

But what are even unconsionable, unlawful  breaches of privacy next to putting bounties on the heads of Israeli soldiers to encourage their kidnappings? A close family member of another major New Corp. player has done exactly that.

Hr. 3 ~ DR. David R. Henderson, Research fellow with the Hoover Institution and associate professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California joins us at 230 Pacific to talk about an article he was quoted in: The Stupidity of "Buy American"…


One sign of economic ignorance is the faith that "Buy American" is the path to prosperity. My former employer, ABC News, did a week's worth of stories claiming that "buying American" would put Americans back to work.

I'm glad I don't work there anymore.

"Buy American" is a dumb idea. It would not only not create prosperity, it would cost jobs and make us all poorer. David R. Henderson, an economist at the Hoover Institution, explained why.

"Almost all economists say it's nonsense," he said. "And the reason is: We should buy things where they're cheapest. That frees up more of our resources to buy other things, and other Americans get jobs producing those things."




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