Today's Topics on the Jerry Doyle Show - Aug 9, 2010

Today's Topics on the Jerry Doyle Show - Aug 9, 2010

Today on the Jerry Doyle Show we talk with Dr. Richard Ebeling about the Wall Street journal article: Quarterbacks Get Out 'Hail Mary' Economy Passes

July's dismal jobs report poses a dangerous dilemma for the country's officials. The government has exhausted traditional measures to get the economy growing more briskly, having already cut interest rates to near zero and committed to more than $800 billion in fiscal stimulus.

We also check in with Congressman Michael Burgess from Texas about White House Energy and Environment Adviser Carol Browner admitted yesterday that Democrats may use a lame duck session to push for cap-and-trade/climate Legislation after the November mid-terms.

A cap-and-trade bill is one of the Democrats' biggest unfinished items and Harry Reid has already announced a lame duck session for the Senate where that would be a major possibility. And during tomorrow's special session, the House of Representatives will have the opportunity to vote on a resolution that would stop any potential lame duck session from being held.